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I come from a wide variety of backgrounds which include just about all the layers of the OSI model.

My first love has always been networking dating back to the days where I terminated my first cable back in 1996.  Recently I have been focused on large scale architectures from all aspects including infrastructure, application, and data.  My latest adventure has landed me back in the data center networking and software defined networking focus…sort of like going home.

I spent my career at the following organizations:


  • Arista Networks (current)
  • State Farm Insurance (4.75 years)
  • Cisco Systems (9 years)
  • BCSC – now Integrity Computer Systems (4 years)



I hold two CCIE’s (R&S and Security) and love leading in the technology field.  In fact my perfect job has a day to day mix of technology and leading people.  There is no greater joy in helping to build something new or solve a problem – in people or technology.



The views and opinions in this blog are mine and do not reflect those of my current or past employers.  This is just my way of putting thoughts out in the open for debate.  I do believe that great debate drives great solutions.

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